​​​​Kundalini Yoga Workshops​



The Sanskrit word SAT PREM literally means True Love, the love that throbs in the heart of our being unconditionally.​ When we know our true identity as Unconditional Love, we begin to love ourselves, and out of the overflow of loving and accepting ourselves, 

we love and accept others unconditionally too. In fact when we love ourselves, we love all beings and non-beings at the same time because we are One with everything.


In this Workshop​, we open our awareness on the love of the heart, developing the ability to give and receive love regardless of the actions of others. The emotional pains of our past determines the extent to which our hearts are open and so we focus on strengthening the heart and the respiratory system relaxing our entire thoracic region. Also working energetically in the opening and healing of our heart center, the seat of compassion, love and wisdom, in releasing clogged emotions and strengthening our electromagnetic field. Using a dynamic blend of breathings, movements, meditations and mantras, the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga to open our hearts to our full human potential. Realizing and experiencing the immense power of love by not falling in it but Rising in it.

This is a four hours Workshop.


​All Workshops and classes complete themselves with a calm, loving and singing celebration full of gratitude.


They consists of ancient Yogic techniques such as:

​​-Pranayamas: Breath of the Beloved         ​
-Mantras: Song of the Beloved
-Mudras: Touch of the Beloved
-Kriyas: Devotion in Motion
-Relaxations: Infinite Embrace
-Meditations: Silence of the Beloved

​Kriyas, Pranayamas, Meditations, Relaxations..... they all are different tools used in this Sacred science called Kundalini Yoga, created and formed to give us the experience of what we truly seek for as Spiritual seekers.

These workshops are very heart opening and joyful which are created to give the participants a profound experience of the silence within, dissolving past memories and emotions, releasing out old tensions from the mental, emotional and physical bodies, allowing the Inner Awareness to shine in and out. Through a deep letting go, in this process of inner cleansing you shall be experiencing  that effortless Awareness, which is always present here and now behind the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. The experience of who you truly are always.

​No previous Yoga experience is required or is necessary for these workshops, just a humble willingness to participate with an open mind and heart to explore your inner space full of love, peace, joy and creativity.




Please remember : According to the different needs of different countries and people, a lot of different workshops can be created with more or less hours and different intensities. If you would like to Invite Ananda Das to your Center to conduct a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop, please contact him personally to create an event. He shall be most delighted and open to see all the possibilities to create spiritual events all around the world.



 Rise in Love 


All are Welcome

"Ong Namoh Gurudev Namoh​"



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