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Ananda Das is an Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga Professor.

He  comes from a spiritual family in North India. His Mother who also happens to be his first spiritual teacher was a Raj Yogi and an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner helping and healing many people all her life. At the age of twenty his search for the true Self became deeper and intensive after receiving a Shaktipath initiation in the holy city of Vrindavan through the grace of his Late Enlightened Master Devraha Baba Ji which gave him a transformative experience of the silent awareness and a blissful state of beingness. Since then he has dedicated his life to deepen that experience.

His workshops and classes are very vibrant, heart opening and effective in creating deep silence and self-awareness within. He also studied and practices Meditations such as Vipassana and Diksha for many years and brings great depth, peacefulness, joy and spontaneity to his teachings. ​


He is also a Certified Professor of Laughter Yoga by Dr Madan Kataria's Laughter Yoga University in India and a Certified Yoga Teacher for Children through the Childplay Yoga Programme, ​he conducts Laughter Yoga Workshops & Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings all over the world training leaders to conduct Laughter Yoga classes and Workshops.





Ananda Das is a gifted spiritual guide who imparts this trans-formative wisdom through direct transmission of vibrations with less words and more "​Experience". Presently he is based in Spain and travels around the world giving workshops and classes of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Laughter Yoga.


The four main tools that Ananda Das uses in his classes and workshops:​


1. Kundalini Yoga : The most vibrant Yoga of Awareness.



2. Vipassana : The most powerful meditation technique given By Gautama the Buddha for self-awakening.



3Diksha : Also known as illahinoor (a kiss from God). An act of energy transfer by hands and eyes using the power of intent to transmit the divine energy to enable the recipient a greater groundedness, sensitivity, openness and connectedness to the inner silence and the universal state of being. (Very helpful for beginners who find meditating very hard).​​​



4. Laughter Yoga : A very simple and yet powerful form of exercise which combines laughter exercises with yogic breathings and gibberish. Laughter has a deep effect on our mental, emotional and physical state. Laughter Yoga is the only technique which uses unconditional laughter to help make a positive frame of mind a choice, not a chance happening. 








"When you are in peace with yourself, the whole existence is in peace with you"